Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Sleepy Cat Eyes

How I do my cat eyes without making them looking too slanted. My mom and aunties always ask me why would I want to wear a lot of makeups to make me look older than I really am. They said they try so hard to look younger and here I am trying to look older. And so throughout the years, my style of makeup had changed and I hope it's going for the better. I used to wear heavy cat eyeliners in high school and looking back, they made me look mean and angry. Now a day, I prefer what I call the sleepy cat eyes or a downward cat eyes, less is definitely more in this case. You could say it's ulzzang or kpop idol inspired since I do watch a lot of Korean shows and dramas. I find this eyeliner look very suitable for asian hooded eyelids as the does not take up a lot of space on the already small lids that hooded eyes tend to have.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bed Canopy from Old Curtains and Embroidery Hoop

It was my ultimate dream as a child to own a princess bed. I was in love with the whole princess idea and the pink color and anything girlie that come with it. I remember wanting a canopy bed really bad and I would always asked my parents, could they get me one and would they paint my room pink instead of the plain white color that every rooms in the house seem to have. Well the answer was always no and they would explain to me with their good senses that I would outgrown it and get tired of the idea very quickly and then they would be wasting their money. Anyway, I love my parents and their sensibility (taught me how to be so frugal with everything). So today I would introduce to you my own DIY version of the item and hopefully somewhere this will make some little girls very happy.
Material List:
- Some strings or yarns
- A pair of good scissors (I hate the bad one that could barely cut a neat line on a piece of paper -__-)
- An embroidery hoop
- A pair of old curtains
- Nail and hammer
Step 1: Disassemble the embroidery hoop
I got mine at Goodwill for only $0.99! I <3 Goodwill.
Should look something like this when you are done. This will allow you to insert the ring into the curtains.
Step 2: Add on the curtains
Step 3: Put the embroidery hoop back together
It should look something like this when you are done.
Step 4: Time to cut the string!
Get your good old pair of scissor and some string laying around the house
Make some knots and ties until you have a decent knot
Step 5: Now sit back and enjoy your effort, maybe take a picture or two and share it with everyone

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

OOTD- Wednesday

I keep thinking that today is Tuesday but it is actually Wednesday, so close to Friday already. Today seniors were suppose to take a class picture together but the date was moved to November. (sad face :/ ) Anyhow, I didn't know so I dressed up in red. But it doesn't matter because this outfit is super cute and comfy. I especially love the headscarf. It adds that special touch to the outfit and the pattern on it is gorgeous. And my outfit will never be complete without a cardigan. For some reason I seem to wear cardigan all year round. (Yes, including summer.)
Headscarf- Goodwill $2.50
Cardigan- Secondhand
Red Tp- Gap $3.00
High Waisted Short- Mommy
Brown Belt- Mommny

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

OOTD- Monday

It's that day of the week again, the day that we all dread as it ends our fun weekend and begins a new hectic week. Since Monday is the first day of a new week, I prefer to look a little more fancy just cause I like to start out my week on a good note. So here is my OOTD for Monday.

I called this my edgy outfit. Simple but edgy at the same time.

A pair of flat is a must have in your closet. It goes with anything from dress to jean. This pair of leopard print flat just add pop of pattern to my plain outfit. 
A brown bag is also a must have. I got this baby from Goodwill a while ago and have been using it for school ever since. The color is just classic and the lock on the outside remind me somewhat of a Fossil bag.
I cannot tell you how much I love my pair of black pants. I would rather wear this over jean any day. A pair of black pants just makes any outfit look more well put together.

And of course since I keep the outfit simple, a statement necklace will make a nice addition to my jean blouse as it emphasize the collar and makes the outfit just a little bit more special .

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Knitted Rosette Beanie From Forever21 (Free Pattern)

I have been slacking off on my knitting and crocheting for awhile since school had started. I finally was able to squeeze in sometime to write this pattern because I'm currently in need of a beanie to cover up for my bad hair day. You know those day when you forgot to take a shower and your hair is all oily or when you wake up late and your hair is sticking out everywhere. Well, that's what hats are for and I'm planning to take advantage of them as much as I can. I rather save me some sleep. So here is my version of the hat which I came across on the website. Hope you guys like it and either subscribe or click on my add for more free patterns. :)
So this is what the one from Forever21 looks like. You can get one from their website for $4.80, which I think was pretty reasonable if you don't have the time. 

But if you do you can make one like for only $3.00 and still have enough yarns to make  another hat.

I used a size 10 circular needle but you can always use a different size. Just remember if it's a smaller needle, then you cast on more stitches and if it's bigger, you cast on less stitches. And for the yarn, I used worsted weight but I think I would  have prefer sport or DK since I think it will drape more nicely. 
So cast on 88 stitches.
R1: K1, P1 until the end. Repeat until the it measures to 2 inches.
R2: K until the hat measures 7 inches (or longer if you want it to be more loose or slouchy).
Decrease Round:
R1: K2, K2tog repeat till the end of round.
R2: K
R3: K1, K2tog repeat till the end of round.
R4: K
R5: K2tog repeat till the end of round.
Cut yarn leaving a long tail so you can thread the hat and then cut the extra yarn. 
The Rose:
I found the instruction for the rose on this really cool blog. They also have a video on how to do it if you're a visual leaner. 
Here's the link:
And instead of sewing the rose directly to the hat, you can always just tie it so you can wear the hat either way, with flower or without flower. Have fun and keep getting crafty. ^_^

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Korean Circle Scarf!

Circle scarf seem to becoming the new trend lately and I have seen so many Korean actors wearing them. It's a super easy to make scarf and it keeps you toasty warm. It can also become a hood scarf if you increase the width of the scarf and make it a bit wider. So here is my version of the Korean circle scarf. Hope you like it and please support me by checking out the ads and subscribe for more free patterns. :)

With an N size hook (10mm) chain 190 chain with a chunky yarn or two strands of worsted weight yarn. Then use a slip knot to connect the chain and make sure it's not twisted. Half double crochet in the round until your desired width. Mine was6.5 inches but if you would like a bigger hood, I recommend going for 7 or 8 inches.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Inspirations from Korean Drama- Ep 1 Secret Garden

I'm such a big fan of korean drama and asian drama in general to the point I'm watching several dramas at the same time because the episodes are not out fast enough for me. This is most my most recent watched drama, Secret Garden. I already finished this once but decided to go back since I ran out of new drama episodes. I have to tell you korean drama always have the cutest knit wear in them if you pay attention. So here are just a few of them. I'm thinking of writing patterns for them soon so hopefully I'll be able to post them before it get cold outside.  (Sorry for the bad quality pictures. Better pictures will be coming up in the future posts.)

 Ha Ji Won's hat from the famous "foam kiss" that later got her a CF deal with a coffee brand. 

A cute cable hat with roll up brim.

A really simple white rib scarf

Woo Young's circle scarf with a hood attached is pretty awesome .