Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Camera in a Camera

I was going to make a camera case with felt but since I'm still  in my crochet mood, I decided to crochet it instead. This is really not a pattern since it depends on different cameras, but this'll give you an idea of how to make one yourself. :)
Chain 35 or until it fits around your camera. 
Slip stitch the chain together and add a stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round
Keep sc (single crochet) until the length covers the camera

Sc back and forth as if you're crocheting a scarf to make the flap, make it as long as you like

Make some button holes (I made 2 )

Crochet a rectangle for the bottom

Use yarn needle and scrap yarn to sew the bottom and the top together

Add the buttons in the back

Crochet the center of the circle with brown color yarn and the outer with white,  button is optional

Attach it and add more details

Take 3 strands of yarn held together and make a loop

Attach it to the case and chain until desired length and this will be the strap

And TAH-DAHHH!! Your very own camera case. 

Hope you like it and get CRAFTY! :)

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